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great athlete, loves football, can learn

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But these loyal guests were unaware that in the following years devious Joanne would con them out of and leave husband Shaun destitute.Now cold hearted Joanne, 42, who also began an affair before her outrageous fraud was uncovered, is starting a three and a half year jail sentence while Shaun, 44, and relatives face a lifetime of debt and losing their homes.Dad of two Shaun said: Joanne lied to me for nearly 10 years. She ruined our family and then to add insult to injury abandoned me and our children to live with another man.I trusted her 100 per cent. I still dont know how the kind, gentle person I married could have lied to her parents, to me, and even to her children.Joannes deceit began in 2002 after she was convicted of stealing from her employers, kitchen giant MFI, and given a fine and suspended sentence.

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