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Manage your projects and keep your organization at the forefront of success.

Simple, Strong and stable collaboration on the way to success from the beginning to the end.


Accelerate your project management success with strong and stable planning. Get assistance in Identification of goals and formulation of strategies for your project.


Operate and manage your projects with our integrated proven project management tools.


Certify your project is on schedule and under the budget. We prepare  daily/weekly reports for you to keep a check.

Initiate, plan, track and execute to meet the success criteria at a specified time.

Own A Space works in several areas of project management which includes Business Feasibility, Value Engineering, Procurement Processing, Contract Administration, Planning, Construction, Conceptual Design and Post Construction Management Services.

Error-free handover is what we do!

Understand the working and progress of the project by sitting at a place. It is an important tool for managing and monitoring projects. It helps in providing analytics for physical and financial progress along with reducing turnaround time in generating periodic progress reports. We believe in achieving the objectives successfully according to their acceptance criteria, within an agreed time interval and budget. We are here to provide the energy and time efficient solutions to complete your project from inception to the conclusion.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Project Management Application used for?

Project management application is used for various things which includes

  1. Project planning
  2. Scheduling project
  3. Resource aligning and capacity planning
  4. Managing and monitoring project costs
  5. Quality management
  6. Storing and sharing documentation and project records
  7. Creating and publishing project reports
  8. Tracking the actual time spent on project tasks versus plan
  9. Analysing trends and forecasting

How much does PMIS cost?

Based on your business requirements, you can decide on any of the options:

Subscription Plan

Cloud-based solution providers are offering the plans with a set of pre-built features within a basic plan for a starter price. For advanced functionality, you will be able to buy plugins, add-ons, or choose the professional plan based on your needs.

Under subscription plan we provide setting up of project

Custom, Quote-based

The software vendor estimates the needs and expectations of company’s users and then tailors a unique price for the functionality they can afford.

How long does it take to implement PMIS solution?

Implementing a ready solution will take you a couple of days, however, if you need PMIS that fully meets your business needs, it’s worth building custom solution, so that the duration of your project may vary from 30 to 45days  depending on the following considerations:

  • The amount of data to be imported
  • A number of customizations required
  • What 3rd party integrations are needed
  • How many departments/users will use PMIS

How to migrate the data from any other Project Management Software?

With our smart technical team we can easily migrate complete data from any other software to PMIS for better and productive project management.

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