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Your ultimate modern on-site audit application and snag fixer.

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Easy Documentation and full overview with real-time project management.

Paperless Documentation

A snagging tool to make your documentation process easier and flexible with online mark-ups,  picture layouts and live dashboard reports

Capture Snags offline

Do not worry about internet connectivity any longer with our ultimate feature of working offline and still getting the work done.

Cloud-based Architecture

Digitalize your workflow with our cloud-based feature, without having to worry about the loss of data

Snag Management has proved to be quintessential for all the realtors to avoid future complications.  There is a complete process of inspecting, rectifying and fixing all the issues.

The traditional method is very time-consuming, as initially, the Inspector visits the main site and records all the snags and then every task is assigned accordingly, to the respective people. All of this takes a lot of time and the work is delayed which makes it impossible for the contractor to meet the deadlines. So in order to improve the communication between the on-site people and to meet the numerous deadlines, various applications and software have been developed. Snagtick has proved to be the easiest way to record the construction site progress.

It is also easily accessible on all devices, at any preferred location. It helps in recording on-site data, updating the work progress of the concerned person and fixing the defects. Therefore, Snagtick has proved to be very convenient, user-friendly and less-time consuming application which not only helps in resolving errors quickly but also increases the productivity and efficiency of the on-site work.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the process of snagging?

In the initial stage, the inspector examines the on-site defects and then upload the snaps of each of the flaw, it is then reported & notified on the application to the respective people handling the defects. Once the deficiencies are resolved, the contractor further updates the report on the application.

What kinds of flaws snagging includes?

There are certain flaws which includes

  • Broken floor tiles
  • Defective or scratched windows
  • Incomplete loft insulation
  • Pipes not properly fixed
  • Incomplete brickwork

Incomplete wall paint

Who Can Use/Benefit from Onsite System

All stakeholders involved in the construction, on handover and post-handover can benefit from the system, including but not limited to:

  • Developer
  • Consultant
  • Main Contractor
  • Sub-Contractor
  • Supervision Team
  • Project Manager
  • Architect
  • Facility Manager

Can I try Snagtick before I commit?

We do offer a free trial period for Snagtick, during which you have full access to the app within a test environment. You can request the free trial directly on the website or by giving us a call.

What our clients have to say about us….

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